Thursday, January 19, 2006

January 19, 2006--After Four Hours, Call Your Doctor

I always thought that the not-so-hidden appeal of all the ads for Viagra, Levitra, and such was the tag line--"If your erection lasts for more than four hours, call your doctor." I confess that I would only do that if I had the hots for Old Doc. Otherwise, isn't this why you took the damn pill in the first place? Risking a stroke or blindness or whatever. I'd settle for just three hours. But four? That's my idea of heaven.

But leave it to the Gray Lady NY Times (see story below) to again throw cold water on the party, reporting that advertisers are pulling the plug on this salaciousness and will in the future be emphasizing the gory side effects. Score another one for the Blue Stockings among the fundamentalists.

The drug companies appear to be concerned that since the early, heady days when Viagra was introduced there have been a number of studies that indicate there are some side effects that did not show up initially. Whereas a headache and a little upset stomach were possible, as well as seeing everything with a blue tinge, there have been recent claims that even going blind while dosed up is a possibility.

So rather than just trot out Bob Dole with a sheepish smile on his face, or producing a commercial that shows a vigorous man throwing a football through a car tire swinging back and forth on a rope (get it?) they had better include some doctors in the these ads (not the one you call after four hours) because if they don’t the Levitra ads will be followed by ones for 1 800 LAWYERS.

In addition, there are the Super Bowl folks, where these ads have been in full flagrant display. After the Janet Jackson incident, are a little reluctant to air commercials that indicate the real reasons men take these pills. If they will allow any at all they will now be much more what the advertisers call “disease-state” commercials, those that emphasize the medical aspects of erectile dysfunction, including the full list of potential side effects..

I can’t wait for half time.


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