Thursday, September 03, 2009

September 3, 2009--Thunder From Progressives

Liberal though I confessedly am, at times here I’ve raised questions about the direction of some of Barack Obama’s polices. A few of my conservative friends, though, affectionately continue to call me a “Commie.”

What would they say about the critical perspectives of folks who are even more progressive than I? Here’s an example of this sort of progressive thunder from a diary in yesterday’s Daily Kos written by someone very close to me who I dearly love.

From this you can see one reason why Obama is slipping into deep political trouble. His so-called base may be deserting him.

(From the attached link you can find your way to Joe Beese's sources.)

Bush's Third Term
by Joe Beese

Wed Sep 02, 2009 at 12:13:24 PM EDT

David Swanson examines the miseries of Bush's third term:

Unilaterally rewriting legislation through signing statements.

Violating the rule of law.

Expanding and formalizing indefinite detention.

Ongoing torture.

Continued domestic spying.

Further increasing a military budget larger than all other countries' combined.

The continued employment of his henchmen Robert Gates and Ben Bernanke.

Lies about withdrawing from Iraq.

Escalating the war in Afghanistan.

Continued government contracts for Blackwater.

The Pentagon dictating war coverage.

The White House and Justice Department riddled with corporate cronies.

No change to the predations of NAFTA.

New Orleans left to rot.

Secret sweetheart deals with large corporations.

Refusing to release visitor logs.

Immunity for the high-level authorizers of torture.

Expanded claims for the State Secrets privilege.

He didn't include second-class status for gays, mountaintop removal, and some additional corporate cronies - but maybe he was on a deadline.

On the other hand, who knew his Supreme Court pick would be so moderate! What a change!


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