Friday, September 25, 2015

September 25, 2015--Frank Rich On Donald TRUMP

The most recent issue of New York Magazine (not the New Yorker) features a cover with a photoshopped image of Donald TRUMP in Founders' garb and a Thomas Jefferson wig. Not The Donald's usual lunatic comb-over.

Beyond the image, we are also informed that the title of Frank Rich's cover story is "Donald Trump Is Saving Our Democracy."

I thought that liberal Rich's perspective was going to be how TRUMP's outrageous rants about immigrants, Mexicans, and women would so mobilize these aggrieved groups that they would undertake massive voter-registartion drives to seize the democratic process in response to his and his ilk's calumnies.

But then in the article itself there is this--
What's exhilarating, even joyous, about Trump has nothing to do with his alternately rancid and nonsensical positions on policy. It's that he's exposing the phoniness of our politicians and the corruption of our political process by defying the protocols of the whole game. . . . 
It's as if Trump were performing a running burlesque of the absurd but intractable conventions of presidential campaigns in real time.
If you have been following me here, you know I have been saying versions of this for months, though, alas, not as vividly written.

TRUMP as a post-policy candidate is creating a new genre.

A genre not found anywhere except, as Rich points out,  in films such as Bulworth where the Warren Beatty character, a senator from California, abandons his scripted talking-points and begins to tell the truth, in rap!
Wells Fargo and Citibank, you're really very dear
Loan billions to Mexico and never have to fear
'Cause taxpayers take it in the rear.

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