Monday, December 21, 2015

December 21, 2015--Dampa and Baba

Dear friends, who have four beautiful grandchildren, love having them stay overnight so their parents can have some free time. For years we have heard stories about them, their creativity, the love that they share, the pleasure they bring. When I think about ideal grandparents, Barbara and John always come to mind.

Here is a note from John I received the other day--
We had Cece (7) and Ellie (5) for a sleepover last weekend. 
They always wake up way earlier than us and creep down the stairs to see if we're awake. 
Usually, the whispered question is, "Is it too early to get up?" Or maybe, "Dampa, how soon are you going to make pancakes?" Or, "I can't sleep. Can you read to me?" 
Seriously, at 5a.m.? 
This Sunday the question was, "Baba, what's your wifi password?"

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