Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January 13, 2016--Big Short

I was working on a piece about the recent Golden Globes awards and realized that we had seen only one of the nominated movies. So I stopped typing and we went Boca to see The Big Short.

I liked the book but hated the movie.

It's not an easy story to bring to life. So many moving parts, so much technical financial information. The book did a decent job of it, but the movie for each of us was a mess and not engaging. Perhaps we would have felt differently if we hadn't read the Michael Lewis book.

They should have hired Lewis to write the screenplay because to me that was at the heart of the problem with the film. The performances were decent, though the Christian Bale character was represented as a caricature and that's an easy task for an actor.

Also, I wish they'd take handheld cameras away from directors who use them to impart a quasi-documentary quality to their films. All the shifting and juggling makes me nauseous.

I'm sounding grumpy to myself so I'll stop. I'll finish the Golden Globes piece and post it tomorrow. A hint--I also hated that show but promise not to be too grumpy.

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