Thursday, February 18, 2016

February 18, 2016--Dunkin'

When running for president don't expect much privacy. In fact, about everything is scrutinized, from hairdos to the kinds of shoes worn by candidates.

Not all this scrutiny is gossip. Beat reporters have been known to go through candidates' garbage when seeking the truth or when trying to catch a hint of what kind of president one is likely to turn out to be.

I remember 2008 when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were vying for the Democratic top spot. There were reports, credible ones, about how much each candidate's campaign spent on pizza. Obama was spending way more and I thought that meant he was leading in the number of young people volunteering for him and that this meant he would likely win the nomination. Call it the pepperoni-pizza poll. It turned out to be right.

This time around news is leaking out about how much everyone is spending on coffee and donuts.

In a report published in Forbes Magazine last week, from data acquired from the Federal Election Commission, we learned how much on the trail each can candidate spent at Dunkin' Donuts--

Hillary Clinton--$1,866
Jeb Bush--$402
Bernie Sanders--$238
Marco Rubio--$235
Ben Carson--$170
Chris Christie--$106
Ted Cruz--$92
Donald TRUMP--$10.46

What can you get for $10.46? A medium coffee and a dozen mixed donuts?

Draw your own conclusions.

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