Thursday, March 17, 2016

March 17, 2016--My Blob

I have been hearing from people, mainly well intentioned friends, that I have been stealthily aiding Donald Trump's campaign. This in spite of my frequent assertions that "under no circumstances will I vote for him."

That my attempts to understand the underlying reasons for why so many are supporting him are deflections from the higher objective--the need to "stop Trump now."

To that I have been saying that the present moment presents opportunities to diagnose the political malady that his ascendancy exposes. That the roots of it run deep in our history and national psyche. That they are so dangerous and still insufficiently understood that it is worth the time and difficult effort to figure them out. That this interest exists on a parallel track with the political process questions about who to support and what tactics to use to find alternatives to Trump and thereby defeat him.

I have been chastised by some who argue that what I am attempting to do, though worthwhile, will take too much time and I should instead focus on the more immediate issue--again, doing everything possible to stop Trump.

A good friend has even taken to referring to my blog as my "blob."

Now though the G and B keys are close to each other on the keyboard, I suspect that she, who is very sure handed, is not making typos. On the other hand, I love malapropos and, intended or not, this is a good one!

I get the point, I get the criticism. But I will continue to do what I have been doing--looking as best I can  for the reasons for Trump's appeal in the hope that by contributing to a dialogue about this he and his kind over time will be more than stopped.

I will have further thoughts about this tomorrow.

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