Wednesday, May 04, 2016

May 4, 2016--Trump's "Winning" Strategy

Why, I've been thinking, did Donald Trump defame Ted Cruz's father on the morning of the day in which he was about to trounce Cruz in the Indiana primary and for all intents and proposes position himself to become the all-but-certain GOP nominee?

To cite the trash-loid National Enquirer, which more than hinted that Rafael Cruz was somehow in cahoots with Lee Harvey Oswald, made no apparent sense.

All it did was call into further question Trump's temperament and suitability to occupy the Oval Office and, as commander in chief, have his finger on the nuclear button.

Also, I thought, by making Ted Cruz crazy wouldn't this only encourage him to continue a now futile campaign? Isn't it in Trump's best interest to squeeze Cruz (and Kasich) out of the race so he can turn his full attention to Hillary Clinton?

One would think so. That is, if Trump is to be believed, he has wanted to have a clear field so he could concentrate all of his fire power on the ultimate Democratic Party candidate.

But the more I thought about why Trump, on the cusp of victory, would intentionally enflame Ted Cruz, assuring he would stay in the race, was in fact what he wanted--he wanted Cruz and Kasich to stay in the race until the last primaries on June 7th.

This way, every week between now and then, he will win at least one primary. He is, he says daily, all about "winning"--

On May 10th he will win in West Virginia; a week later, he will be victorious in Oregon; then on May 24th, Trump will carry Washington State; and finally on June 7th there will be five primaries and Trump will win as many as three of them--Montana, New Mexico, and the big enchilada, California.

But this smart political plan--to keep Trump in the headlines as a weekly winner--is being undermined as I write this by Cruz who at this very moment is suspending his campaign.

I suppose Trump will now have to come up with new shtick, some new dirt to throw around. About one thing we can be certain, he will manage to do so.

Wait. I almost forgot--John Kasich. Maybe he'll hang around. Perhaps the Stop Trump movement will coalesce around him. This political season, anything is possible. The more improbable the more likely.

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