Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016--A Job For Michelle

Having failed to get two-thirds of Congress and three-quarters of the states to amend the Constitution to switch Election Day this cycle from November 8th to tomorrow, Tuesday October 18th, so that we and they could be put out of our collective misery, though disappointed, I thought, as a distraction, let's pretend that the election already happened and Hillary won in a landslide.

This way we won't have to listen to another three weeks of stories about Donald Trump's stalking and groping or Hillary taking performance enhancing drugs before the debates and concentrate on something more upbeat--who Hillary should appoint to her cabinet.

I have one great suggestion--

Name Michelle Obama Secretary of Education.

I'm being serious and she's available.

Just the other day at one of her rallies for Hillary Clinton, with the Obamas needing to vacate the White House in just three months, Michelle said, "I need to find a job."

Well, this is a job for which she is well suited. Only last week on a CNN special, We Will Rise, her interest in and work with girl's education was movingly showcased and revealed her deep interest in expanding opportunities to the underserved.

And the job is convenient. As Rona said, she's "stuck in Washington" for the next two years while daughter Sasha finishes high school. Thus it would be a short commute and most nights Michelle could be home by dinner time.

Longer term, it positions her to run for the presidency in 2024 after eight years of Hillary Clinton. She'd be only 60. The perfect age for presidents.

I know she says that she can't wait to get out of the White House and away from the political arena--though this year she is far-and-away the most formidable campaigner. To serve as First Lady she put a powerful career on hold and she may come to conclude that being president is not such a bad deal after all. Everyone loves having Air Force One as one's private jet.

But seriously, she is brilliant, authentic feeling, and an excellent public speaker. And from the evidence of her earlier career, she has the proven ability to be a superb leader and manager. And, obviously, she knows a great deal about the power of education and could be an inspiration to young people and educators.

So let's suggest to the Hillary transition people that they put her at the top of the short list.

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