Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February 21, 2017--Rona's Question

"There's a very basic question about former NSC director Michael Flynn that's yet to be answered. Actually, yet to be asked."

"What's that?"

"They say he was asked to resign because he did not tell Vice President Pence that he discussed sanctions when he conferred with Russian officials prior to the Inauguration."


"But, the Trump administration claimed that there was nothing illegal about that. That the White House counsel was able to determine that quickly."

"That's what they said."

"Here then is the question--if what he did was permissible, what was the need to lie about it to Pence and why did it take nearly two weeks to do so?"

"Go on."

"All he needed to do, if the official narrative is true, was casually tell the truth--'I spoke with so-and-so, we discussed sanctions among other things, and the White House counsel says none of this was improper.'"


"One doesn't have to lie when there's nothing to lie about. And since Flynn did lie, for me that's evidence he is not only not telling the truth about what he said and didn't say but he is also covering up for others. If you get my meaning."

"I do and isn't it good news that Flynn is gone and being replaced by someone who seems to be an adult."

"Now if Bannon . . ."

"He's next. At least I hope so."

"And if Trump . . ."


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