Saturday, April 22, 2017

April 22, 2017--Saturday Writers Workshop

I have many friends who participate in writers workshops. I did so years ago in the Queens College Writers Workshop. I was the "faculty advisor." I put this in quotes because in truth it was a self-organized group of students who needed a faculty member to "beard" for them as the workshop's advisor so they could secure a room on campus. In other words, I signed the required forms, did no advising, and asked no questions. They were fine on their own. But then I joined in and became a participant. I feel I got some of my best writing done via the workshop. Mainly because of the peer pressure to write something for discussion every week. And the resulting competition.

So, I have this thought--over the next few Saturdays I will write an opening sentence or paragraph that writers among Behind's readers might like to weave into a story of their own. If anyone's inclined, I'd be pleased to publish here anything that gets turned in. Or not. Or, if there is scant interest in this experiment, I'll move on to something else.

Dream Catcher

It's rare to hear next-door neighbors arguing. The walls are thick and effectively soundproof. But last night screaming woke me from a dream about being captured by terrorists and held for ransom. The shouting of course was about something else. On the other hand, since I couldn't hear what that might be, it could just as well have been about or a part of my dream. Dreams can be like that.

"I'll never," I think I heard.

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