Tuesday, September 01, 2015

September 1, 2015--TRUMP: Read My Lips--Yes, New Taxes

With Donald TRUMP continuing to surge in the polls--state-by-state and nationally--Republicans are beginning to panic. Not just about the possibility that he might win the nomination but that he might, just might become president.

We know he'd build a "great, great" fence (his description) and deport 10 million illegal immigrants (they love that red meat), but now members of the GOP corporate establishment are worried about what else he might do if he were elected.

And they are not liking what they are hearing and fearing.

He's talking about Republicans' favorite subject--taxes. But he's not talking about cutting them further for rich folks such as himself (that really hits home), but raising them significantly for people who make money by manipulating the system and who take advantage of all the loopholes that enable the least productive capitalists to earn more than those who, like TRUMP, actually do and build things. And have their own money, their own skin in the game.

This to them is truly dangerous stuff. Would he be, like Franklin Roosevelt, a traitor to his class?

Here's are some of the tax increases he has been talking about--

He says he would institute stiff tariffs on American companies that build factories in other countries. He has threatened to increase taxes on hedge fund managers' compensation. People he rightly says are "getting away with murder." And he has said he would change the laws that enable American firms to pay much less in taxes by merging with companies based overseas in order to benefit from their cheaper rates.

None of this is music to the one-percenter's ears.

And let's recall that he opposed the war in Iraq before it was launched (not so either Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden) and his heath care views are more Bernie Sanders than Jeb Bush or the current Republican flavor of the month, Doctor Ben Carson.

So TRUMP continues not only to be amusing and provocative but seriously uncatagorical and interesting.

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