Wednesday, March 01, 2017

March 1, 2017--A Day Without Trump

Since I noted some improvement earlier this week--mentioning Trump a regressive four times on Monday and then doing only a bit better yesterday, mentioning him "just" three times--perhaps, then, since I ams still disappointed with my progress, maybe I need to adjust tactics for a day to get to my goal sooner--to shake my yearlong addiction to all things Trump.

So today, midweek, I am taking a day off from blogging. I have an early doctor's appointment to see if my Lyme disease has abated and so I thought to take advantage of my busy schedule and not write anything.

That's one way to deal with my problem. Ignore it. Admittedly, not the most therapeutic way--taking it head on would be more beneficial--but perhaps it could still be helpful.

This of course means no comments about Trump's speech last night, no mocking allusions to his having just discovered that repealing and replacing Obamacare is "unbelievably complex" or, better for satire or snarkiness, that "nobody knew [it] . . . could be so complicated." Nobody?

This latter comment alone could under prior circumstances have been subject matter for at least two blogs.

Ignoring Trump I will have no public comments about his budget outline that sees a ten percent increase in military spending and offsetting cuts in domestic allocations, which means cutting back on food and healthcare for the poor to build more weapon systems. Cruel priorities. But I will have nothing to say about that.

I will also not comment on the attempts to plug leaks by the president and White House staff and how press secretary Sean Spicer forced those reporting to him to turn over their cell phones so they can be checked to find out who's been leaking to the New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN.  And I won't be writing about the White House banning reporters from these and other "fake news" outlets from attending the first Trump "gaggle" briefing for a select group of reporters,
including one from Breitbart News, Steven Bannon's old shop.

Though I am tempted, you will not hear anything from me about this.

And you will not hear a word here about what is my thus-far favorite flap of the week--the Twitter storm about how Kellyanne Conway took her shoes off and folded her legs under her while sitting on them on the Oval Office couch as President Trump met with a group of distinguished presidents of historically black colleges and universities.

What was she doing there anyway? But you won't see me asking or speculating about that.

When Kellyann's disrespectful behavior was brought to the attention of Trump and his senior staff they were quick to publish pictures of Barack Obama sitting with his feet on the presidential desk. The same president Trump accused earlier this week of being behind all the leaks and leaving a "mess" behind. But there will not be a word about me about that. No leaking here. For me it's still Trump cold turkey detoxification time.

As New York City Mayor Ed Koch used at ask, "How am I doing?"

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Blogger Gala Girl said...

Seems you're doing pretty good...only having mentioned "Trump" NINE times (ten if you count the title)in your most recent post. Baby steps as Bill Murray keeps telling himself in "What About Bob"... Hope all goes well at the doctors...

March 01, 2017  

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