Friday, September 04, 2015

September 4, 2015--Weekend Obsession

Clearly, considering my obsession with Donald TRUMP, I need an extra long weekend to recover my sanity.

I will return on Tuesday with thoughts about pagan America. I promise, there will be no mention of TRUMP.

Well, perhaps just one or two.

Like, for example, how liberal MSNBC is even more obsessed with him than I.

Last night, Chris Hayes at 8:00 spent a full half hour at the top of the show talking about TRUMP's press conference at which he spoke about signing the pledge to support the winner of the Republican primary campaign.

And then how at 9:00 Rachel Maddow devoted 37 minutes to the same subject. (We literarily timed her.)

Her conclusion--by signing the pledge TRUMP was acting like a typical politician and that this would hurt his outsider chances.

Maybe yes, perhaps no.

It also means that if he wins the nomination the other Republicans, all of whom signed the RNC pledge, will have to support him. Not a bad thing for his ultimate electoral chances.

OK, on more thing--like the MSNBC folks, the New York Times and pretty much every other media outlet realizes that covering The Donald attracts viewers and readers.

So, in the Times covers what the other candidates have to say about TRUMP. Not, for example, Jeb Bush's most recent policy paper about, say, the environment. Instead they write about what he had to say about TRUMP.

Nothing good, of course, but poor Jeb knows that the only way to be paid attention to is to be as obsessed as I.


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