Thursday, July 07, 2016

July 7, 2016--Hillary, Oh Hillary

It's even worse than I imagined.

Hillary Clinton was fortunate not to have been indicted, but what the director of the FBI said about her is devastating.

If she had been charged with crimes, she would have had to drop out of the presidential race, Joe Biden would have been nominated, and then gone on to easily defeat Donald Trump. But though "cleared" of criminal wrongdoing, the focus will not be on the legal process but on what she did and lied about. There is a lot of both.

If she were headed to trial that would have been the story. Now it's about her irresponsibility and chutzpah. Chutzpah for the many intentional lies she told--

That she used private e-mail innocently (there was supposedly no illegal "intent")

That she had only one email account and device (she had four or five)

That she never received classified material via email (she did at least 100 times)

That she failed to set up a secure private server and system (in spite of her claims that she did)

That she turned over to the FBI all but her most personal emails (1,000 are still missing)


In addition, among other things, she will need to reconcile and explain away the following chronology--

The FBI investigation has been proceeding, some would say, dragging on, for exactly a year and there were dozens of agents and lawyers assigned to getting to the bottom of things.

Then in a sudden rush, seven days ago, three weeks before the Democratic convention, Bill Clinton in the now infamous encounter with attorney general Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in Phoenix, self-reportedly, schmoozed with her about golf; grandchildren; and, according to the New York Times, that if Hillary were to be elected, the possibility of Lynch staying on as AG. When the meeting and the nature of their conversation leaked out, she recused herself from the investigation. One might say, this was irrelevant since it now appears that the fix was already in.

Just three days after that, this past Saturday afternoon, for up to four hours Hillary was "interviewed" by a team of FBI agents and lawyers.

Two days later, Tuesday, though criticized severely by FBI director, James Comey, she slithered off the indictment hook.

Later that same day, some would say in an attempt to change the subject, she and Barack Obama, in North Carolina, campaigned together.

After so many months, quite a week of action.

I am not a conspiracy-oriented person, but . . .

Two examples--

After a year of presumably careful investigation, it then took the FBI only two-and-a-half days to scrub the details of Clinton's lengthy "interview"? They must have worked around the clock over the July 4th weekend.

And was it just a coincidence that Barack Obama, the nation's ultimate law enforcer and constitutional law professor, just happened to be campaigning with Clinton on the day she wasn't indicted? Might he have known when this was to be announced well in advance (Comey and Lynch report to him) and to help Clinton, his legacy-assurer, he . . . ?

Voters will draw their own conclusions.

I've already done so.

I'll be sitting out this election.

In the past, the choice has too often come down to voting for the candidate I perceive to be the lesser of two evils. This time, it's to choose between two sociopaths.

For me, that's too much of a stretch.

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