Friday, September 09, 2016

September 9, 2016--The Fly (Last Part)

The fly landed on the computer table just out of my reach, seemingly not because he was in a state of breathless collapse from all his darting and slashing. Though no entomologist, I could see he was in fine condition and had settled in more to reconnoiter than to resume his assault.

Seizing what seemed an opportunity, I raised the swatter slowly behind him, thinking his rearview vision was limited and that would make him vulnerable. But alas, well before I was able to strike, he lifted off with lazy élan and resumed buzzing my head. Though this time more circling than attacking.

But he quickly dropped out of this loopy flightpath to return to the same spot on the table he had just abandoned. This time seemingly strutting uncharacteristically in a small circle. All the while, I felt sure--I had leaned closer to get a better look--making eye contact with me.

Not so much, it felt, to be alert to any quick attack I might launch but for the sake of taking in the scene. Not unlike what I had been doing after setting aside the swatter.

Thus we sat for what felt like half an hour but more realistically must have been only five minutes. Staring across the taxonomies in ways difficult to describe or understand. Except as part of one world.

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